The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something. Don’t wait for good things to happen, you will fill thr world with hope, you will fill yourself with hope.

-Barack Obama


Because if I could, I would undo my past and tear down those walls that I built so high up. Maybe then things would be easier. Maybe then I can actually love again myself. #mydiary #wildthoughts #selflove #selfcare.

Are You Listening ?

He never wants to be someone’s attention. He was too far away from virtual world, his inner cognition was realistic. But after she left him, all he wanted to stay away from everyone. Closed behind the doors, disconnected from friends. He wanted to be alone again. He didn’t have any choices left. But deep inside his soul was seeking attention. That someone come and see his scars, the scars his soul get from people surrounding. Someone to listen to him. Someone who can heal him. This is the story of a guy who suffered from depression. Mental illness is curable. People with mental illness don’t want your money or any other financial help. They want us to listen them carefully. How good it feels when you help someone. Listen to the people around you. Perhaps you may help someone. KEEP LISTENING. ARE YOU ?

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Selfcare isn’t being selfish. People with several mental illness needs to take care of them, cause no one is going to take care of you untill you want to take care of yourself. So people out here take some time from your daily routine and spend some time for yourself too, some quality time that makes you feel happy, feel happy from your inner soul not just a big curve on your lips.

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I found ‘me’.

I have learned my lessons. I am no more the person running after people. I just keep walking on my pace. I don’t look back now. I don’t care who was or still there. People by my side still matter, but they are not my reason to walk, anymore. My shadow is Enough.😃

Yes! We Exist.

A strom raging inside, crushing each bone in pain. And a smile shining outside, hiding each scar in lies. Broken people are just too complicated, a mess to know from their words and actions. They need someone to touch their naked soul to open up in honesty, to pour out the trust, and to reveal their truth. Broken people are still beautiful. Broken people still need love. Broken people are still just people.

What we all need to do is listen them, they don’t need any financial help or anything else. What they really need is love and care. They need someone who can just listen to them carefully.